Greetings from our newly renovated pad

Greetings from our newly renovated pad

TownZAR Media is a digital & brand agency founded by the Songelwa brothers, namely:

Sipho Songelwa – An ultimate sports fan, is responsible for running all facets of the business. Having studied Marketing at the Tshwane University of Technology, Sipho is passionate about how companies brand and market themselves in order to succeed in what seems to be a competitive business environment. After spending 11 years in banking, he decided to pursue a lifelong mission to start a company that will help entrepreneurs gain a competitive edge by co founding TownZAR Media with brother Happy Songelwa.

Happy Songelwa –  Has extensive experience in designing for New Media. He is always on the look-out for the next big thing in the design and digital world. He currently holds a B-tech degree in Multimedia from the Faculty of Art and Design (FADA) at the University of Johannesburg and is pursuing a Masters in Arts and Design. He is the glue that holds TownZAR Media’s creative flow together.

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Having just launched our new home, we thought it would be a fantastic idea to let our visitors in on what inspired us to redesign.

As an agency specialising in digital design, we find it crucial to showcase our talent, not just through our client’s work, but ours too, as we also consider ourselves our own client.

Our creative director spent a large amount of his time researching and finding inspiration for the next best and trendiest thing in the design and digital world. We married his exceptional work with our copywriters to create what we’d love to call our best work yet.

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Meet the rest of the team

Tshego Morake

Head of Content
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Born and bred in Jo’burg South. Banker turned social media manager and copywriter. TownZAR Media’s blogger and go to girl for delightful content with a diploma in Social Media Marketing from Shaw Academy.

“Sweet and savoury enthusiast. Don’t be startled when you see me devour a ham and Nutella sandwich”, she says about her love for odd flavour combinations.

Harmony Mothibe

Strategic Partner
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Founder of BotsZA and ScopeX. As a guy with extensive experience in the technology world, Harmony brings his expertise to assist in solving our back-end challenges to give our clients an even smoother experience.

He is the go to tech guy.

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