Finding A Lawyer Online Is Difficult . “Inspired By Personal Story”

Finding A Lawyer Online Is Difficult . “Inspired By Personal Story”

Having recently found myself in a difficult situation that required me to get a lawyer, I really think it’s important for all lawyers to invest in a good quality website that can tell prospective clients more about them and their services.

A lawyer was recommended to me by a relative, when I googled him, he did not have a website, no LinkedIn or Facebook profile and he was using Gmail as his email address.

I found it very difficult to buy into him and did not call him. For all I know, he is one heck of a lawyer but my first impression of his law firm was that he didn’t take his brand serious.

The online space is bigger than it has ever been. It has become a rule of thumb for prospective clients to google you before they make contact with you. Are you happy with what they will find when they search for your firm?

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The 6 key benefits that lawyers or law firms will get from having a quality website:

1. Distinguishes your from competitors – A well designed quality website will set you apart from your competitors. Within one industry, there are several sites that look similar. Quality means distilling all of your distinctive selling points into one coherent visual message. So law firm website design helps to make you a superior one with the unique style, amazing content, consistency on every page and so on. Trust me, if you offer the same service but your website differs in a lot better way, you are going to win clients for sure.


2. Builds professionalism and credibility – A website can help you build trust, professionalism and credibility not just among your clients, but your peers as well. The content you provide on your website, including references and testimonials can build the trust in your skills and knowledge. Only when people are sure you know how to solve their problem will they contact you. A website blog can be an ideal way to display your knowledge and expertise.


3. Makes you more reachable – A website can allow your clients to reach you far more conveniently than any other source. A potential client can search for you online and reach you instantly, any time of the day. If you want to compete with the large firms, websites are ideal to give you the same, or even more accessibility. By having a blog to share content on your site, you can make it rank higher on search engines, increasing your firm’s visibility.


4. Provides information – The best thing about having a website is that they provide your clients with all the information they need in the most convenient way. Your clients can learn about your services, credentials, experience and knowledge areas without having to pay a visit to the office. Websites are the best source of information you can provide to your clients about your law firm beforehand so that they can make an informed decision.


5. Powerful marketing tool – Despite what some might say, lawyers need to market their services in order to stay competitive. A website acts as an ideal marketing tool that can cost you much less than above the line advertising. If someone is searching for a lawyer, then they already have a need for your services. Once they open your website, you can easily turn them into potential clients by using powerful information and content. The great thing is you can track metrics that will tell you how the website is performing so you can make informed decisions.


6. It’s your online home – You can link your website to your other online platforms like social media, online booking platforms and online payments. You can continuously improve your website to provide value to your clients and sign new clients to your law firm.

Think of the website as your digital C.V and craft your copy with your audience in mind.

A website is a smart way to maximize your marketing spend. But a website alone is probably not enough. Take advantage of social media outlets as well – and don’t forget blogging – it’s another great way to enhance your reputation and bring clients in. The best marketing strategy is a multifaceted approach that spans a variety of modalities.

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